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Beatnik Termites “Bubblecore” LP
Chromosomes “I’m so stupid!” 7″
Corn Flakes “Childish” LP
Fracture “S/T” LP
Fun People “The portrait of sudamerican sun rockers” LP
Futur Incierto “Nueva Vision” 7″
God’s Lonely Men “All this and more” LP
Gooper Patrol “Dutch Ovens” LP
Les Collectors “S/T” LP
Ludicrous Lollipops “A Part” 12″
Ludicrous Lollipops “Scrumdid Dlyumptious” 12″
Muffs “Blonder and blonder” LP
NAR “Holiday routine” 7″
NRA “Don’t know” 7″
Period Pains “Spice Girls” 7″
Pin Prick “En-Core” 7″
Plow United “S/T” LP
Pure Joy “Carnivore” LP
Screeching Weasel “Ramones” LP
Secretions “We Secrete You Suck” 7″
Sect “Remembering E.P.” 12″
Sludgeworth “What’s This?” LP
Stand Gt “The Crackle fan” 7″
Stand Gt “Turn on the cartoons” 7″
Stupids “Retard Picnic” LP
Walter ELF “Heut’ Oder Nie” LP
Yamp! “Son of Yamp!” 7″
SPLIT 3 Finger Spread/ Elmer 7″
SPLIT Chromosomes / Deh Pills 7″
SPLIT Manges / Boyz Nex’ Door 7″
VARIOUS ARTISTS “Dad, I can’t breathe” LP
VARIOUS ARTISTS “Songs About Drinking” 2LP

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