BOSST20: VARIOUS ARTISTS “Too Much Music, Too Many Bands: 20 Years Of Boss Tuneage” 4xCD(BOXSET)

※レーベル運営者、ASTON STEPHENSによるライナー付き
※そのうちの1枚の「CD 3」にはレーベルを愛する所属バンドの発案で実現した、BOSS TUNEAGEのバンドによるBOSS TUNEAGEからリリースしている音源から各バンドが選んだカバー曲集という目玉作品が収録されています。




1. ANNALISE – Signposts And Alleyways

(Taken from the “Signposts And Alleyways” 7”, BOSTAGE701, 1999)

2. THE GREAT ST LOUIS – Closest Enemies

(Taken from the “In Your Own Time” CD/LP, BTRC033/BTRC12-033, 2010)

3. BLOCKO – Fibs

(Taken from the “Edmondson Ave” CD/LP, BOSTAGE5106/BOSTAGE5106LP, 2003)

4. WOOLWORTHY – Pretty With Me

(Taken from the “Blasted Into Ashes” MCD, BOSTAGE539, 2001)

5. THE JONES – Wilton Road

(Taken from the “Gravity Blues” CD/LP, BOSTAGE532/BOSTAGE532LP, 2000)

6. MIDWAY STILL – Drag To Care

(Taken from the “Note To Self” CD, BTRC053, 2010)


(Taken from the “Livin The Dream” CD, BTRC007, 2007)

8. MANIFESTO JUKEBOX – Truths Yesterday

(Taken from the “Desire” CD/LP/Picture Disc LP, BOSTAGE551/BOSTAGE551LP/BOSTAGE551PD, 2001)

9. K-LINE – Count It Down

(Taken from the “How You Gonna Scare Us Now?” CD/LP, BOSTAGE5108/BOSTAGE5108LP, 2003)

10. THE SHITTY LIMITS – Swallowed Whole

(Taken from the “Beware The Limits” CD, BTRC029, 2009)

11. STEAKKNIFE – Parallel Universe Of The Dead

(Taken from the “Parallel Universe Of The Dead” CD/LP, BTRC010/BTRC12-010, 2007)

12. MILLOY – Propofol

(Taken from the “Creating Problems While Practising Solutions” CD, BTRC025, 2008)

13. BIG DRILL CAR – Eye A Door

(Taken from the “A Never Ending Endeavour” CD/Double LP, BTRC040/BTRC12-040, 2009)

14. PAVERS – Teacup

(Taken from the “Return To the Island Of No Return” CD/Pic Disc LP, BOSTAGE585/BOSTAGEPD585, 2002)

15. TV SMITH – Clone Town

(Taken from the “In The Arms Of My Enemy” CD, BTRC024, 2008)

16. HARD ONS – Give Me Arse A Haircut

(Taken from the “Alfalfa Males Once Summer Is Done Conform Or Die” CD, BTRC052, 2010)

17. THE UNKNOWN – Disappear

(Taken from the “Pop Art” CD, BOSTAGE512, 2000)

18. BENNY – Shit Yer Pants

(Taken from the “Finnish Road Junction” CD/Pic Disc 10”, BOSTAGE592/BOSTAGEPD592, 2002)

19. FOUR LETTER WORD – Unfinished Symphonies

(Taken from the “Follow As The Crow Flies” CD, BTRC044, 2009)

20. VIOLENT ARREST – Oppenheimer

(Taken from the “Minute Manifestos” CD/LP, BTRC049/BTRC12-049, 2010)

21. GERIATRIC UNIT – Audit Of Enemies

(Taken from the “Audit Of Enemies” CD/LP, BTRC055/BTRC12-055, 2010)

22. COLT SEAVERS – bltbltb

(Taken from the s/t 7”EP, BTRC7-045, 2009)

23. STUPIDS – Zero

(Taken from the “The Kids Don’t Like It” CD/LP, BTRC030/BTRC12-030, 2009)


(Taken from the split LP with X ONE WAY X, XFIST003, 2008)

25. NEW SET OF BRUISES – Day Destroy Me

(Taken from the s/t CD, BTRC047, 2010)

26. KICK JONESES – The Rain And The River

(Taken from the “Who Put The Voodoo Into Punkrock” CD/LP, BOSTAGE537/BOSTAGE537LP, 2000)

27. SCARPER! – Blue Collar

(Taken from the “Wildcatstrike” CDEP, BOSTAGE561, 2001)

28. WORDBUG – Everything’s Gone

(Taken from the “Losing It All” LP, BOSTAGE006, 1991)


(Bonus hidden track from the s/t CD, BOSTAGE526, 2001)


(Taken from the s/t CD, BTRC048, 2010)

31. IPANEMA – Vote For Pedro

(Taken from the s/t CD, BTRC017-4WIZ, 2008)


1. HERESY – Follow Suit (1988)

(Taken from the “20 Reasons To End It All” CD/LP, BTRCRS015/BTRCRS12-015, 2007)

2. STUPIDS – Heard It All Before (1987)

(Taken from “The Complete BBC Peel Sessions” CD/LP, BTRCRS034/BTRCRS12-034, 2008)

3. SPERMBIRDS – You’re Not A Punk” (1986)

(Taken from the “Something To Prove” CD/Picture Disc LP/LP, BTRCRS001/BTRCRS001PD/BTRSV004, 2005/2010)

4. HDQ – Leaving Home (1989)

(Taken from the “Sinking” CD, BTRCRS008, 2008)

5. EXIT CONDITION – Zero Gain (1990)

(Taken from the “1988-1994” CD, BTRCRS002, 2005)

6. VISIONS OF CHANGE – Roundabouts And Swings (Demo Version) (1987)

(Taken from the forthcoming Depraved/Visions Of Change Discography Double CD)

7. DAN – Shake Your Foundations (1988)

(Taken from the “Thology” Double CD, BTRCRS006, 2005)

8. CAN’T DECIDE – Haven’t We Met Before (1990)

(Taken from the s/t discography CD, BTRCRS003, 2005)


(Taken from the “Love Songs For Kirk” Double CD, BTRCRS009, 2006)

10. SOFAHEAD – Make It Worse (1989)

(Taken from the “Pre Marital Predicament” CD, BTRCRS004, 2005)

11. LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT? – Green (1992)

(Taken from the “Burn Green” Mini CD, BOSTAGE015, 1992)

12. DRIVE – Greasegun (1990)

(Taken from the discography CD, BTRCRS005, 2006)

13. THE ABS – Engelbert Humperdink’s Racing Pigeon (1990)

(Taken from the “A Wop Bop A Loo Bop… A Cough Wheeze Fart!” Double CD, BTRCRS030, 2008)

14. HARD ONS – Just Being With You (1989)

(Taken from the “Suck And Swallow: 25 Years 25 Songs” CD, BTRCRS037, 2009)

15. BIG DRILL CAR – A Take Away (1991)

(Taken from the “A Never Ending Endeavour” CD/Double LP, BTRC040/BTRC12-040, 2009)

16. ASEXUALS – So Alone (1986)

(Taken from the “Greater Then Later” CD, BOSTAGE515, 2000)

17. JINGO DE LUNCH – What You See (1987)

(Taken from “The Independent Years 1987-89” CD, BTRCRS029, 2007)

18. COWBOY KILLERS – Poor Me (1990)

(Taken from the upcoming double discography CD)

19. GAN – Too Much TV (1992)

(Taken from the “Do That Again? Again!?!” CD, BTRCRS039, 2009)

20. PERFECT DAZE – Flames (1989)

(Taken from the “Five Year Scratch” CD, BTRCRS028, 2006)

21. SLEEP – Frightened People (1990)

(Taken from the “Back To Square One Again 1989-1991”CD, BTRCRS040, 2009)

22. SHUTDOWN – Broken (1991)

(Taken from the s/t 12”, BOSTAGE007, 1992)

23. DECADENCE WITHIN – So Much For Their Law (1986)

(Taken from the “Reflections” Double CD, BTRCRS026, 2006)

24. RIPCORD – Drugshit (Live) (1988)

(Taken from the “Live At Parkhof” CD/10”LP, BTRCRS020/BTRCRS10-020, 2006)

25. FUAL – Yes You! (1990)

(Taken from the “Fuck Up And Live” CD, BTRCRS038, 2009)

26. TERMINUS – Hunt The Hunt (1989)

(Taken from the “Graveyard Of Dreams” CD, BOSTAGE5117, 2003)

27. POLITICAL ASYLUM – Do They Care (1985)

(Taken from the “Winter” CD, BTRCRS045, 2010)

28. DEPRAVED – It’ll Happen Again (1987)

(Taken from the forthcoming Depraved/Visions Of Change double discography CD)

29. MAD AT THE SUN – When Visions Becomes Blurred (1989)

(Taken from the “Hot Snow Falling” CD, BOSTAGE518, 2003)

30. COOLEST RETARDS – Buthole (1985)

(Taken from the Stupids “Peruvian Vacation” CD, BTRCRS032, 2008)

31. DIE WALTER ELF – Kaiserslauten (1986)

(Taken from the “Heut Oder Nie” CD, BTRCRS016, 2006)


1. HARD ONS – One Chord Wonders

(Originally performed by TV Smith/The Adverts – previously unreleased)

2. ONE CAR PILE UP – All Set To Go

(Originally performed by Hard Ons – previously unreleased)

3. JOHN KASTNER – When You’re Not Around

(Originally performed by Chino – previously unreleased)

4. SOUTHPORT – Same Mistake Twice

(Originally performed by The Abs – previously unreleased)

5. VANILLA POD – Timothy

(Originally performed by Goober Patrol – previously unreleased)

6. WOOLWORTHY – Love Goes Plaid

(Originally performed by Asexuals – originally released on the “Blasted Into Ashes” CD, BOSTAGE539, 2001)

7. THE TANK – No Worse For The Wear

(Originally performed by Big Drill Car – originally released on the “And You’ll Spin – A Tribute To Big Drill Car” CD released on Itchy Korean Records)

8. FOUR SQUARE – Burning Bridges

(Originally performed by Brock Pytel – previously unreleased)

9. BROCK PYTEL – Fountains

(Originally performed by The Nils – previously unreleased)

10. BEDFORD FALLS – Dear You Dear

(Originally performed by Textbook – previously unreleased)

11. VARSITY DRAG – White Cat In A Snowstorm

(Originally performed by Ipanema – previously unreleased)

12. TEXTBOOK – Holden

(Originally performed by Chillerton – previously unreleased)

13. BLOCKO – Vegan In Furs

(Originally performed by Drive – recorded by Blocko in 2004 – previously unreleased)

14. DOWN AND OUTS – Where Did She Come From

(Originally performed by Hard Ons – previously unreleased)

15. THE MAGNIFICENT – Optimism

(Originally performed by Southport – previously unreleased)

16. PUNCHBUGGY – Daylight

(Originally performed by The Nils – taken from the “Scratches And Needles: A Tribute To the Nils” CD, BOSTAGE545, 2001)

17. THE DOUBLECROSS – Today I’m Going To Live

(Originally performed by Bedford Falls – previously unreleased)


(Originally performed by The Pavers – previously unreleased)

19. RISE – Call Of The Wild

(Originally performed by The Nils – taken from the “Scratches And Needles: A Tribute To the Nils” CD, BOSTAGE545, 2001)

20. EXIT CONDITION – A Friendship Lost

(Originally performed by Sofahead – taken from the “1988-1994” CD, BTRCRS002, 2005)

21. SOFAHEAD – Fighting Chance

(Originally performed by Exit Condition – Taken from the “Acres Of Geeses” CD/LP, SMR Records 1992)


(Originally performed by Ben Deily/Varsity Drag/Lemonheads – previously unreleased)

23. THE STAND GT – When Love Puts On A Sad Face

(Originally performed by The Nils – taken from the “Scratches And Needles: A Tribute To the Nils” CD, BOSTAGE545, 2001)

24. RESTLESS HABS – Down Around

(Originally performed by K-Line – previously unreleased)

25. SECTION 13 – Something To Prove

(Originally performed by Spermbirds – previously unreleased)

26. VIOLENT ARREST – Empty Faces

(Originally performed by Ripcord – taken from the “Minute Manifestos” CD, BTRC049, 2010)

27. THE UNKNOWN – Group Think

(Originally performed by Scarper! – Taken from “The Real Thing” Mini CD, BOSTAGE542, 2001)

CD4 – The Rare, Unreleased And Out Of Print

1. STUPIDS – Rock Gods

(Taken from the “Feel The Suck” 7”, BTRC7-026, 2008 – previously unavailable on CD)

2. SOUTHPORT – The Last Time

(Recorded in 2010. Previously Unreleased)

3. THE SHITTY LIMITS – Espionage

(Taken from the “Espionage” 7” on Dire Records – previously unavailable on CD)


(Bonus Vinyl Track from the out of print “Bubble And Squeak” Double LP, BTRC12-036 – track previously unavailable on CD)

5. CHILLERTON – Searching

(Recorded in 2004. Previously Unreleased)

6. SINK – Amanush

(Taken from the out of print “Floor 81” compilation LP, BOSTAGE005, 1992. Previously Unreleased on CD)

7. CHINO – Uno Mas

(Taken from the out of print “Mala Leche” CD, BOSTAGE544, 2001)

8. BAREFOOT – Face First

(Taken from the split 7” with ALL ONE WORD, BOSTAGE723, 2003. Previously Unreleased on CD)

9. SERPICO – Winter (Demo Version)

(Taken from the “Does Everyone Stare Presents “ CD, BOSTAGE586, 2002)

10. TV SMITH – Imagination

(Demo Recorded in 1979. Bonus Website track from “Sparkle In the Mud: Unreleased Songs And Demos Volume 1:1979-1983”, BTRCRS043, 2010. Previously unavailable on CD)

11. HARD ONS – Will You Fuck Off About What Tomorrow Will Bring

(Exclusive studio track recorded at the “Alfalfa Males…” album sessions, 2010. Previously unavailable on CD)

12. GOOBER PATROL – Mind The Gap

(Taken from the “Gangstas Corner” comp CD on Gratuitous Beaver, 2007)


(Taken from the out of print “Boss Tuneage Instant Singles Collection Vol 2”, BOSTAGE5118, 2003)

14. THE PAVERS – Message

(Taken from the out of print “Beautiful” Mini CD/Picture Disc, BOSTAGE552/BOSTAGEPD552, 2001)

15. THE GREAT ST LOUIS – Worlds Collide

(Vinyl only bonus track from the “In Your Own Time” LP, BTRC12-033, 2010 – previously unavailable on CD)

16. THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION – Dawn Will Fade Away

(Taken from the out of print split 7” with Red Cabaret , BOSTAGE719, 2004 – previously unavailable on CD)

17. LA MOTTA – Love California

(Taken from the out of print “Love California” 7”EP/Mini CD, BOSTAGE716/BOSTAGE5110, 2003)

18. CHOCOLATE – Customer

(Taken from the unreleased “Big Up The Hip Hop Massive” CD, BOSTAGE5124)

19. BLOCKO – Opinion

(Alternate take of track recorded at the “Oimo” sessions in 2002 – previously unreleased)

20. SHOOTER McGAVIN – Broken Melody

(Taken from the “Saving The Day” 7”, BOSTAGE709, 2002 – previously unavailable on CD)

21. X ONE WAY X – Eyjafjallajökull is a Fucking Sellout

(Recorded in 2010. Previously Unreleased)

22. WAT TYLER – The Vicar And I

(Taken from the out of print “The Vicar And I” 7”, BOSTAGE703, 2000)

23. BENNY – Kumbyah

(Taken from the out of print “Our True Intent Is All For Your Delight” CD, BOSTAGE5105, 2003)

24. GEOFFREY OI!COTT – Glory Glory Gary Thompson

(Recorded in 2009. Released as a Digital Single XFIST009DL 2010, Previously Unavailable on CD)

25. HATE FUCK TRIO – My Girl Do Not Think I Funny

(Taken from the out of print “My Girl Do Not Think I Funny” 7”, BOSTAGE706, 2001)


(Taken from the “Pretty Nuclear” CD, BOSTAGE504, 2001)


(Recorded in 1992, for the unreleased split LP with Sofahead, BOSTAGE008. Previously Unreleased)

28. ELMERHASSEL – Suffocated

(Taken from the out of print “Floor 81” compilation LP, BOSTAGE005. Previously Unavailable on CD)

29. WANTON THOUGHT – Cruelest Joke

(Taken from the out of print “Mustard Mit” 7”EP, BOSTAGE003, 1991. Previously Unavailable on CD)

30. DAMAGE – You Say

(Taken from the “Life Is Cheap” demo, 1990. Previously Unavailable on CD)


(Taken from the out of print split 7” with Goober Patrol, BOSTAGE001, 1990. Previously Unavailable on CD)

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